• Flies breed in all kinds of filth including manure, decayed vegetation or garbage
  • Insecticides, fly lights, and fly traps can be used to kill an existing fly population
  • For long term results, proper sanitation is critical
  • The goal of sanitation is to remove and prevent a medium where fly larvae will develop, such as garbage, animal waste, decaying vegetation, or poorly drained areas

Steps that can be taken to prevent fly infestations:

  • Keep garbage cans and dumpsters clean
  • Pick up pet waste in yard
  • Remove carcasses of dead animals such as rodents and birds
  • Do not overwater indoor plants
  • Keep outdoor areas clean by removing decaying plant matter and soiled bedding
  • Keep drains free of scum buildup and standing water

For more information on flies and fly prevention:

Fly problems are dealt with on a service request basis. In most cases fly problems involve a sanitation problem. Staff will provide on-site assessment, recommend actions necessary to reduce the breeding problem, and treat the area as necessary.