Vector Facts

A vector is any arthropod, insect, rodent or other animal of public health significance capable of harboring or transmitting the causative agents of human disease (e.g. malaria, plague) to humans. Under certain circumstances, insects or other arthropods that cause human discomfort or injury, but not disease, are sometimes referred to as vectors. The vectors that Clackamas County Vector Control District controls are mosquitoes and black flies. This is done using an Integrated Vector Management (IVM) strategy that includes conducting surveillance, controlling sources and vectors, and public education. The result is a healthier community with a lower risk of disease outbreaks.




NEW! Vera vs. Vectors + Viruses Interactive Book

Vera’s new job takes her all over the county, from beautiful farms to wetlands. She solves science mysteries and keeps people and animals safe. How much do your students and kids know about staying safe from mosquitoes, ticks, flies, and other disease vectors?

“Fight the Bites!” Video Game

Don’t let Mosquitula suck your blood! Fight off her attacks and complete quests as you journey through Clackamas Land.

Mosquitula has taken over Clackamas Land! The Zany Zombies let water collect. Now blood-sucking mosquitoes are everywhere.

Fight off their attacks while helping silly and surprising new friends stay safe from Mosquitula and the dreaded diseases she carries.

Free Books, Science Kits, Curriculum, Posters, Workshops, and More!

Serious vector-borne diseases such as West Nile virus have been spreading into Oregon, and our students and families need to understand why this is happening and how to protect themselves. We offer free children’s books, life cycle kits with live mosquito larvae, in-person and online workshops, curriculum aligned to NGSS and Common standards, posters, and more.

Beware of Mosquitula! book cover


Clackamas County Vector Control District has produced a beautiful 2024 calendar.

Visit our office and pick up a printed version at:

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