NEW! Vera vs. Vectors + Viruses Interactive Book

Vera’s new job takes her all over the county, from beautiful farms to wetlands. She solves science mysteries and keeps people and animals safe. How much do your students and kids know about staying safe from mosquitoes, ticks, flies, and other disease vectors?

Students join Vera to explore science phenomena and learn ways to stay safe. Optional narrations are provided to help engage students and support emerging readers. The final screen summarizes student achievement for easy assessment.

This free interactive adventure for all ages was created by Engaging Every Student for Clackamas County Vector Control (CCVC). It works on any device connected to the Internet, or it can be downloaded for use over an intranet or via a Learning Management System (LMS).

The interactive book can be customized to meet the needs of all learners. Rick Reynolds, M.S.Ed., who created it and helped develop CCVC’s comprehensive education program, is happy to provide free training and/or technical support: