Title Seasonal Field Technician
Salary $18.00/hr
Start Date 2019-03-01
End Date 2020-09-19
Location Oregon City
Job Information Seasonal Field Technician Job Announcement

Do you enjoy the outdoors? Are you interested in helping your community? If so, Clackamas County Vector Control District may have the position for you. We are seeking self-motivated individuals who don’t mind public contact for several temporary seasonal mosquito control positions. You will be working outside, with limited supervision, protecting the community from the annoyance of mosquitoes and diseases such as West Nile virus. For those studying and teaching Agriculture, Biology or other applied sciences this position is an excellent resume builder and offers you an opportunity to gain field experience in sampling techniques and data collection. Positions start at $18.00 per hour, pay is increased upon successful completion of the Oregon Public Pesticide Applicators and Pesticide Laws and Safety exams.

Mosquito season generally runs March through September. Time off during this time is expected to be minimal. Seasonal field technicians will be working 6:30am-5:00pm Monday through Thursday.

Duties will include, but will not be limited to the following:

  1. Survey assigned zone for mosquito larval sources, such as, irrigated pastures, ditches, marshy areas, sumps, water troughs, etc.
  2. Identify stage of larval development and treat the area as needed.
  3. Operate truck, and hand spray equipment.
  4. Keep records of pesticide applications.
  5. Set out and collect CO² baited live mosquito traps.
  6. Pick up dead birds for West Nile virus testing.
  7. Keep equipment, building/office, and vehicles clean and ready for use.
  8. Respond to citizen requests.
  9. Office work such as data entry
  10. Other duties as specified by supervisory personnel.


Background in biology preferred, but not necessary

Must have a valid Oregon driver’s license

Must pass ODA Public Pesticide Applicator exam within 30 days of hire

Must be able to traverse uneven terrain

Must be able to work outside for extended periods in hot weather

Must be able to routinely pick up objects up to 30 pounds and occasionally up to 50 pounds

Must be able to pass background check and drug test

Must be confident in one’s abilities to work alone in remote areas of the county and visiting the homes of county residents

Must have strong communication skills and legible handwriting

Clackamas County Vector Control District is an equal employment opportunity employer.


Clackamas County Vector Control District Office

1102 Abernethy Road, Oregon City, OR 97045

Phone: (503) 655-8394

Email: jjacobson@co.clackamas.or.us

To apply please submit a signed copy of the following application to jjacobson@co.clackamas.or.us or via USPS mail to:

Clackamas County Vector Control
1102 Abernethy Rd.
Oregon City, OR 97045

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