Learn about the services Vector Control offers to Clackamas County Citizens.

Recommendations for Preventative Pest Control

Our staff will recommend best known methods of control for each identified species.

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Fact Sheets and Informational Articles

An extensive collection of brochures, information sheets and articles on pests found in Clackamas County is available for public use.

Mosquito Control

On-site assessment, monitoring and remediation: District staff maintains a survey of mosquito breeding sites in Clackamas County. This survey is updated regularly and each location is mapped and recorded. Each location is checked regularly and treated as necessary during the breeding season. Staff records the location of all known problem swimming pools in Clackamas County. A significant portion of the County mosquito problems originate from backyard pools.

Alternative to pesticide, biological control is an important part of our mosquito control program. Staff grows and distributes Gambusia affinis, a minnow that feeds on mosquito larvae, to any citizen of the county. Use of such fish reduces the amount of pesticide required to control mosquitoes.

Fly Control

Fly problems are dealt with on a service request basis. In most cases fly problems involve a sanitation problem. Staff will provide on-site assessment, recommend actions necessary to reduce the breeding problem, and treat the area as necessary.

Speakers and Programs

During the winter months, programs are offered to schools and service organizations in the county. Presentations include the biological aspects of vector control and the species involved. To arrange a speaker, call the Vector Control Office at 503-655-8394.