Grades 1 and 2

Educational Resources – Grades 1 and 2

The following state standards could potentially be fulfilled by the completion of the mosquito unit.

First Grade
  • 1.1 Structure and Function: Living and non-living things have characteristics and properties.
  • 1.1L.1 Compare and contrast characteristics among individuals within one plant or animal group.
  • 1.2 Interaction and Change: Living and non-living things interact.
  • 1.2L.1 Describe the basic needs of living things.
  • 1.3 Scientific Inquiry: Science explores the natural world using evidence from observations.
  • 1.3S.1 Identify and use tools to make careful observations and answer questions about the natural world.
  • 1.3S.2 Record observations with pictures, numbers, or written statements.
  • 1.3S.3 Describe why recording accurate observations is important in science.
  • 1.4 Engineering and Design: Engineering design is used to design and build things to meet a need.
  • 1.4D.3 Show how tools are used to complete tasks every day.
Second Grade
  • 2.1 Structure and Function: Living and non-living things vary throughout the natural world.
  • 2.1L.1 Compare and contrast characteristics and behaviors of plants and animals and the environments where they live.
  • 2.2 Interaction and change: Living and non-living things change.
  • 2.2L.1 Describe life cycles of living things.
  • 2.3 Scientific Inquiry: Scientific inquiry is a process used to explore the natural world using evidence from observations.
  • 2.3S.2 Make predictions about living and non-living things and events in the environment based on observed patterns.
  • 2.3S.3 Make, describe, and compare observations, and organize data.


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