Mosquito School

Our Goal

Clackamas County Vector Control District (CCVCD) supports a comprehensive mosquito and fly education program for grades K-8. The Mosquito and Fly Education Program is a collaborative effort between District staff, outside professionals, state and local agencies, and school educators. Serious vector-borne diseases such as West Nile virus have been spreading into Oregon, and our students and families need to understand why this is happening and how to protect themselves.


Education is an integral part of the Integrated Vector Management Program utilized by the CCVCD. We believe that local mosquito control starts with the citizens of the County in their yards and neighborhoods. Armed with knowledge of mosquito and fly biology, informed citizens know what actions they can take to suppress mosquito and fly populations. To this end, CCVCD offers a free education program called “Mosquito School” for grades K-8.

Classroom Presentations

Mosquito School includes classroom presentations with hands-on activities that focus on the biology, ecology, and control of mosquitoes. Each class keeps a Life Cycle Kit for about two weeks. The Life Cycle Kit is a learning tool that allows students to actively study and learn about mosquitoes. Live insect larvae are included with the kit, and students are able to safely observe their metamorphosis into adults. Mosquito fish (Gambusia affins) may also be included so students can study the effects of a biological control.

Teachers are provided with supplemental resources, including experiments, guided activities, an engaging poster, and games that reinforce key concepts. Students are also provided with information to take home, including CCVCD contact information and our services that are provided free of charge.

Objectives of CCVCD’s Mosquito and Fly Education Program include:

  • Students demonstrate understanding of mosquito and fly life cycles and that mosquitoes require water to develop.
  • Students can explain that some mosquitoes can transmit certain diseases to people and other animals.
  • Students can explain verbally and in writing how they can help in the fight against mosquitoes by dumping standing water and educating others about mosquitoes.
  • Students demonstrate skills such as careful observation, scientific illustration, data recording, data analysis, graphing, and written/oral expression.

Free New Posters and More!

Clackamas Vector Poster FINAL-96dpi-780px We hope you and your students enjoy the fun new “Beware of Mosquitula!” poster. It explains fascinating mosquito adaptations and how to stay safe from the real-life blood suckers.

Contact CCVCD or Rick Reynolds, M.Ed., founder of Engaging Every Student, who created the poster with illustrator Fran Lee, if you would like one or more copies of the poster.

Rick Reynolds is also working with CCVCD and a number of other partners on a new curriculum aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards. Learn more here and let him know if you would like more details about it and training opportunities when they are available.


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