Mosquito School

Our Goal

One of our many goals at Clackamas County Vector District is to continuously implement a comprehensive mosquito education program for grades k-8.


Education is an integral part of the Integrated Vector Management Program utilized by Clackamas County Vector Control District (CCVCD). CCVCD is now offering a free education program called “Mosquito School” for grades k-8.
Mosquito School includes a classroom presentation that focuses on the biology, ecology, and control of mosquitoes. Each class keeps a mosquito Life Cycle Kit until the Friday of the following week following the presentation. The Life Cycle Kit is a learning tool that allows students to actively study and learn about mosquitoes. Live mosquito larvae and mosquito fish (Gambusia affins) are included with the kit and students are able to safely observe the metamorphosis of the mosquito. Teachers are provided with supplemental curriculum on our web page consisting of experiments, worksheets and games that reinforce the topics discussed in the classroom presentation and are use in conjunction with the Life Cycle Kits.

Several CCVCD employees contribute to the daily running of the education program. Front desk staff is responsible for scheduling presentations, lab staff maintains a larval colony during the spring and fall, field manager provides mosquito fish for presentations. Lab kits will be available for pickup at the CCVCD office. The presentation staff will consist of the Biologist, Field Manager, and field techs.

Classroom Presentations

Classroom presentations may include discussion and instruction on a wide variety of mosquito-related topics (depending on grade level), but it is the goal of CCVCD education program to emphasize the following core concepts in each presentation regardless of grade level:

  • Students become familiar with the mosquito life cycle and learn that mosquitoes require water to develop.
  • Students learn that some mosquitoes can transmit certain diseases to people and other animals.
  • Students learn that they can help in the fight against mosquitoes by dumping standing water and educating others about mosquitoes.
  • Each student is provided with District contact information and informed that services are provided free of charge.


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